The history of RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS began in 1936, when the first ship owning company was founded by Einar Rasmussen senior. During the period after the Second World War, the group built up a considerable business within international shipping. In addition to conventional tank and bulk shipping, the group also began to develop niche products such as shuttle tankers and accommodation/service platforms. At its peak, the business encompassed an advanced fleet of approximately 20 units.

During the period 1997 to 2003, the group carried out a strategic process in which the business was directed towards three business areas: Financial investments, real estate and shipping/offshore.

The group’s financial investments are sought to be concentrated in quality companies with satisfactory earnings and a moderate degree of debt, provided acceptable pricing.

The real estate side of the business is today operated via the wholly-owned subsidiary AVANTOR AS. 

Business activities within offshore encompasses ownership position in Shearwater Geoservices Holding AS. 

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