The real estate business activities are conducted via RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS’ wholly owned subsidiary AVANTOR AS, which has broad experience in the development, ownership and management of office and service buildings, schools and apartment projects. Avantor’s main focus is to continue the development of Nydalen in Oslo, Norway into a thriving neighbourhood community with environmentally friendly solutions.


As of 31.12.2021, Avantor owns approximately 250 000 m2 gross floor area (Nw.:”Bruttoareal(BTA)”) lease area, and manages approximately 330 000 m2. The development portfolio includes a zoned development potential of approximately 60 000 m2 gross internal area (Nw.: “Bruksareal (BRA)”) in Nydalen. In addition, Avantor has two development plots in Tønsberg, of which one is presently under construction for residential purposes and another has yet to be zoned, and one development plot in Kristiansand.

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